The GUN8000 OS (AKA 10K) vs. Dr. Dish

Compare the GUN vs. Dr. Dish CT & Dr. Dish All-Star

Country of Manufacturing USA China China
Collection Net Clear Netting Black Netting Black Netting
Adjustable Net Height 3.3m - 3.9m
(60cm adjustment)
3m to 3.4
(40cm adjustment)
3m to 3.4
(40cm adjustment)
Shot Counter Non-Intrusive
You can hear the sound of the “Swish”
Large plastic flapper
Steel cage surrounds net
Will never hear a “Swish”
Large plastic flapper
Steel cage surrounds net
Will never hear a “Swish”
Storage Size 1.98m – Height
0.71m – Width
1.32m – Length
0.93m2 – Base
1.98m – Height
0.86m – Width
1.2m – Length
1.03m2 – Base
1.98m – Height
0.76m – Width
1.02m – Length
Machine Weight 162.4kg
Built to last!
Light, flimsy frame
Light, flimsy frame
Throwing Mechanism Throwing arm
(With natural back spin)
Steel square tubing
(Inconsistently punches the ball out)
Steel square tubing
(Inconsistently punches the ball out)
Pass Distance Selector 20+ throw distances per spot 5 pre-set distances 5 pre-set distances
Perimeter Locations 17 9 19
Shot Selection Over 170 spots 45 spots 95 spots
Custom Order Passing
Post Passing Option
Build Custom Workouts
Quick and Easy Setup
Put up shots in under 30 seconds!
Up to 2 minutes of setup before shooting Up to 2 minutes of setup before shooting
Wi-Fi Not Required
No Internet? No Problem.
No Internet in Gym? Can’t keep stats.
Comes Fully Assembled
Fully assembled and tested
Some assembly required Some assembly required
Free Customization Extra charge Extra charge
5-Year Warranty on Accessories 1-year warranty on accessories 1-year warranty on accessories
Free Shipping on Warrantied Parts Customer pays shipping Customer pays shipping

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The Gun8000 OS (Aka. GUN10K) Vs. Dr. Dish

7 Reasons The Gun Offers more than Dr. Dish!


Spot Selection

With 17 spots and 20+ distances per spot, The Gun offers over 170 shot selections compared to around 45 offered by Dr Dish CT.

What does this mean? With only 5 distance settings, a 6’4” player wanting to shoot FT jumps may catch the pass from the Dr Dish machine at his chest, while a 5’6” player will receive the pass over his head.

On the other hand, the Gun’s 20+ distances per spot gives the ability to adjust the passing distance and allows players of any height to catch the ball in their shooting pocket - every time, at any spot.


Clear Netting

85% of coaches and players prefer The Gun’s clear net over Dr Dish’s distracting black net. The Gun’s see through net is strong and transparent, meaning you can see past the net to focus on the rim while you are shooting - making your shot more accurate.


Hearing the “Swish”

Nothing beats the reward of hearing the swish of a perfect shot. The Gun’s shot counter never touches the ball – so you always hear the swish. On the other hand, the Dr Dish counter is a steel cage under the rim, so instead of a swish, you hear a “clank”.


Bigger Motor

The Gun’s motor is 5x bigger and has 3 times more life expectancy. Made with high-quality, durable components, you can expect 15-20 years from our motor.


Net Height Adjustment

The Gun’s net is over 5 times more adjustable than our competitors – meaning it encourages an optimal shooting arc and does not allow “flat” shots.

Our higher net also collects more misses, so they are not bouncing all over the gym.


Throw Distance

With over 4 times as many throw distances per spot, the Gun allows players of all heights and skill levels to receive the ball right in their shooting pocket, every time.

In comparison, Dr Dish only has 5 pre-set throw distances, allowing less customisation for players height and skills.


2x Quieter

The Gun 8000 OS (GUN10K) is 2 times quieter than Dr Dish. Why does that matter?

A quieter machine means players can communicate better with their coach. It is also less noisy and distracting for other players training in the gym, or your neighbours if you are using the machine at home. The Quietness of the GUN8000 OS & the GUN10K reflects the smoother action of the machine and the quality of component used.

Get yourself or your association up to speed with this must have basketballer’s training tool.

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