Basketball Shot Training Machine

Used by NBA and College teams across the USA and around the world.

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Basketball Blitz are the official Shoot-A-Way distributor of the Gun 8000 OS in Australia and New Zealand. Made in the USA and customised with your colours and logo.

The GUN8000 OS is a programmable Basketball Shot Training Machine, designed to give an individual or a small group of players the opportunity to shoot a high number of repetitive shots from all positions around 180°. Close, mid or deep range, the Gun will deliver true player-like passes to any chosen position, and is proven by the worlds best players to improve strength, stamina, shooting technique and accuracy.

Touchscreen Programming

LCD Touchscreen Programming allows the user to program easily from the slick touchscreen onboard the GUN8000 OS.

Countdown Lights

Countdown Lights onboard the machine help the shooter
 or coach to work on timing for attacking a pass or running a screen to shot drill.

Custom Colours and Logos

Make your GUN8000 OS your own with your
 team’s colours and logo at no extra charge.

Monitor Performance

The Shoot-A-Way app powered by shotTracker allows a player or coach to monitor and log the performance of the shooter from each court space. Highlighting strengths and weaknesses helps the shooter
 to focus on improvement.

Remote Control

Use the 5 Function Wireless Remote Control to start or stop the Gun from passing anytime you wish.
 Control the time between passes allowing you to change a drill on the fly. Manually fire a ball with the push of a button making it easier to teach the correct shooting form.

Easy Storage & Setup

Storage and Set-Up is simple and quick. The machine retracts to fit through a standard doorway, easily manoeuvred on non-marking wheels and erected ready to play in less than 60 seconds!

The Memphis Tigers

There’s no better testimony than that of one of the best College teams in the USA showing their level of investment, trust and belief in this product. The Memphis Tigers purchased their first 6000 Series Gun in 2001! They upgraded to the 8000 Series Gun in 2009. They purchased these six 10K Guns (8000 OS) in 2018 when Penny Hardaway took over the head coaching job. After seeing the results he got from one machine he wanted a Gun for every basket in their practice Gym!

How it works

Unlike other ball return machines, the Gun8000 OS passes the ball with backspin where others hit the ball. Here’s how it works.

Step 1

On the LCD touchscreen touch where you want the ball to be passed – as many spots as you want.
 Now you can work on drills such as elbow to elbow or slot to corner, or target shots you’ll get in a game. The combinations are endless.

Step 2

Select your time delay between each pass.
 Any beginner or advanced shooter can now easily practice quick release shots or shots off the dribble with the push of a button.

Step 3

Select the number of shots per spot. Now you can shoot multiple shots at each spot before the Gun moves to the next position. Choose anywhere from
 1 to 999 shots per spot!

See for yourself

Product Comparison: The Gun v Dr. Dish

“Used by many NBA stars including the formidable Steph Curry!”

See Steph in action using the Gun.

The Gun8000 OS is an essential tool for increasing shots made percentage.
 The net and combined repetition focuses the shooter’s arc, increasing the
target diameter and therefore shots made.

Get yourself or your association up to speed
 with this must have basketballer’s training tool.

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